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Lisa Marie Bustos
Fantastic Mediator Judge Jones is a the best mediator in the hill country area. I have used him for my family law cases and I have found that he brings real-world wisdom and sharp legal acumen to cases. I cannot recommend him enough!
Anne B. Little
Awesome I am continuously awed by Judge Jones' ability to bring even emotionally charged, hotly disputed situations to resolution.
Merritt Clements
Good Work! Judge Jones helped us settle a difficult case that had been pending for four years. The old saying is that every litigant leaves a successful mediation somewhat unhappy. I tend to think everyone was satisfied.
Terry Norman
Outstanding Mediator! Judge Jones settled two extremely contentious cases for our office that we believed could not possibly settle. You will not find a better mediator.
Great mediator! Judge Jones was a skilled mediator. He worked hard to learn the issues, consider both the attorneys' views and parties' views of what the real hurdles were, both legally, factually, and otherwise. Based on that foundation, he then very effectively moved the parties towards an ultimate resolution, while at the same time, all the while trying to think several moves ahead, depending on how the positions changed.
Tony Schaffer
Great job in mediation Judge Jones worked hard all day to get a complicated real property case resolved. I did not think it could get settled !
Good Experience I had my first mediation with Judge Jones and was impressed. He was fair and worked hard to find a solution in what was a complicated fiduciary case. His CPA background was as invaluable as his judicial experience.
Many thanks Tough as nails when necessary, while always maintaining professionalism and thoughtfulness. Thank you!
Stephen Fleming
Superior service Judge Jones efficiently, professionally and very productively mediated a contentious issue to my satisfaction. I highly recommend his services.
Dale Shell
Family med I thought it went great. Some of the prep work was a little time consuming for us with our case load
Brad H
January 2013 Mediation Judge Jones handled our mediation in a very productive, efficient manner. I would recommend him for any civil mediation, especially any matter involving contract disputes or real estate issues. Well done.
Burnet County Attorney
Mediation Review Judge Jones has been a great mediator for DFPS cases. He understands the issues and can communicate effectively with all parties. His judicial background gives him strong insight and understanding of all of the positions. He presents himself as a neutral person who is willing to listen and take the time needed to find solutions to problems.
Judge Jones is an excellent and fair mediator I would highly recommend. Judge Jones is an excellent and fair mediator. I would highly recommend him. His financial background as a CPA came in particularly useful in our complicated situation. Hill Country Attorney
Jerry K
Mediation Services I recently had the pleasure of using Judge Gil Jones mediation services. Gil was great! He is extremely professional and has a very effective way of working with both parties to reach an agreement. I would highly recommend his mediation services to anyone considering him.
A VERY GOOD MEDIATOR I was impressed by this former Judge,he really learned the facts and really presented the case well to both sides ,he saved everyone involved time ,money and more grief. He was prompt and did not let the other side manipulate anything . I would highly recommend him !